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Places To See in Malindi Beach

Mambrui Ruins MalindiMambrui Ruins

Mambrui, an ancient Swahili town dates back to the 15th Century and was known to the Portuguese as "Quililmanci". In the 19th Century it was a populous Arab Town with many shops, narrow streets, large plantations and simple living styles. The inhabitants have remained the most conservative and religious minded people of the East African Coast.





Vasco Da Gama Pillar MalindiVasco Da Gama Pillar

The pillar is situated on the seafront road near the jetty. It is accessed from Scorpio Villas or alternatively from the Silversands area. The pillar is one of the oldest remaining monuments in Africa and was built in 1498 by the great Portuguese explorer, Vasco da Gama as a sign of appreciation for the welcome he was given by the Sultan of Malindi.





Pillar Tombs MalindiPillar Tombs

The pillar tombs are located next to Juma Mosque, between the jetty and the town centre. The tombs are believed to have been built in the 15th century as burial grounds for renowned Portuguese. The pillar has bowls of the late Chinese Ming Dynasty still intact in its upper portion. Originally the pillar was 27 feet high but fell down.





Malindi TownThe Old Town

The town has had contacts with Indian from the time of Jesus Christ, Chinese knew Malindi by 11 Century, the Arabs visited and wrote about it in the 12th century, the Portuguese were here by the 15th Century and the British arrived in the 19th Century. Come and discover Malindi from the 15th to the 21st Century. Back to Top





Hell's Kitchen MalindiHell's Kitchen

It is located off Lamu road, after the Sabaki River in Marafa Depression. Come view the geomorphologic features straight from Lucifer's Kitchen.






Malindi MuseumThe Malindi Museum

Located within the Malindi town, the museum offers a fascinating tour of Malindi historic Circuit and a range of exhibitions including;The strange Catch: an exhibition of coelacanth - the world's oldest living creature, a 400 million year old creature that was captured off the coast of Malindi in 2001 and that has remained unchanged since its fossilized ancestors were discovered 65 million years ago. The creature has paired fleshy limb-like fins that move like human arms and legs. The Museum offers an opportunity to learn the history of Malindi town. Malindi is one of the ancient towns along the East African Coast believed to have been established around the seventh century.Malindi Historic circuit:   guided tour is offered starting from The Museum, to The Old Town, The Old District Officer's Building, Mambrui and back to The Museum.


Portuguese Chapel

The chapel is located along seafront road near the Gossip Hotel and was built in the 16th century to mark the burial ground of two Portuguese sailors. This chapel is the first Christian church in East Africa.






Malindi Marine ParkMalindi Marine Park

It is located to the south of Malindi town. The marine park is endowed with magnificent resources such as fringing reefs, coral gardens in the lagoons, sea grass beds, mangroves, mudflats, and high fish diversity, marine mammals (e.g. dolphins), turtles and various species of shorebirds.





  • Enjoy fine white beaches and Swim in the warm Indian ocean.
  • Explore the 5 islands of Lamu archipelago.
  • Learn the history of the old cities of the coast.
  • Kite surfing in Diani.
  • Enjoy the local Swahili dishes of the coast.


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