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Places To See in Lamu Beach

Dodori Reserve

On the stretches of beach around the shore, populations of crabs can be seen, often swarming the sand in large number. On the arid mainland opposite Lamu, there is a surprising abundance of wildlife in the Dodori Reserve, including buffalo, lion and leopard. The mangrove channels here are also good for birding and spotting the occasional crocodile.



Lamu FortLamu Fort

At the centre of town is the impressive Sultan's Fort, built by the Omanis in 1808. The Fort has been through various changes over the years, including conversion into a prison. It is now a museum and its forecourt is home to Lamu's largest open market.




Lamu MuseumLamu Museum

Walk through the Lamu Museum and see how the people of Lamu lived. See the traditional kitchens where the women used to cook, learn the way of life of the people of Lamu, learn about the various economic actitivities the locals look part in to survive.




German Post MuseumGerman Post Museum

This building was the first German Post Office ever established along the East African coast. The Post office was established on November 22nd 1888 by the Germans, led by Clement Denhardt. The communications and trade contacts for the German Protectorate in Witu could at the time be served through Lamu, a well-established town with links to the outside world.



Swahili House MuseumSwahili House Museum

This museum gives visitors a glimpse of the traditional setup of a Swahili home.Houses are usually oblong and built around a small open courtyard. The houses in the few remaining very traditional (and in the recent past poorer) towns such pate, are single- story building, but in a wealthier and crowded town, such as Lamu, most are two-storied and many have three stories, the structurally safe limit






  • Enjoy fine white beaches and Swim in the warm Indian ocean.
  • Explore the 5 islands of Lamu archipelago.
  • Learn the history of the old cities of the coast.
  • Kite surfing in Diani.
  • Enjoy the local Swahili dishes of the coast.


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