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Places To See in North Coast

Old Town

Old Town is well known for its ancient buildings, extravagant art designs and curio shops that sell antiqueOld Town exerts a heavy influence on the town and its culture, and especially in the architecture and language.

Old Town is  explored by foot as the streets are too narrow to accommodate a large number of vehicles. The town’s inhabitants are mostly of Arab origin who’s forefathers once roamed the same streets of the town.A complete tour of the “Old Town” can be done in a half a day.



Elephant Tusks

This ceremonial arch that resembles a pair of giant intersecting elephant tusks welcomes visitors to Mombasa town.The tusks forms the letter M for Mombasa The Tusks was built to commemorate the arrival of Queen Elizabeth II visited  when she visited Mombasa on a Kenya tour in 1952.







Fort Jesus

Fort Jesus is one of Mombasa’s most popular tourist attraction and is located is located near the Old Town.The Fort Jesus was built by the Portuguese in 1593. Fort Jesus was built to secure the safety of Portuguese living on the East Coast of Africa.

At the fort you will see the torture rooms and prison cells where slaves were kept in captivity before being traded. Weapons such as canons, which were used to defend the fort from invading foreigners as well as rioting locals, can be seen both inside and outside of the fort.


Bamburi Nature Trail

Bamburi Nature Trail is the largest animal sanctuary in Mombasa  with over 400 plants species with around 200 bird species. An ornithologist guide tourists and visitors on a bird safari to watch the narina trogon, golden weaver, waders and migratory species are a common feature at the trails.

Also learn about the story about Owen (the hippo) and Mzee (the tortoise).This is a story about an  orphaned hippo Owen who was rescued and brought to a Haller park and  chose Mzee, a 130 year old Aldabra tortoise to be his “parent/friend”.




Jumba la Mtwana Ruins

Jumba la Mtwana is located by the edge of Mombasa National Marine Park and  is a 14th Century ancient Swahili Stone Town in a fine woodland setting in Mtwapa.

The sight’s name, Jumba la Mtwana, means Large House of the Slaves in Swahiliand was was a Muslim stronghold settlement, strategically positioned most probably ships had to anchor at the Mtwapa Creek.






Makinnon Market











Ngomongo Village










Mamba Village











Bombolulu Workshop




  • Enjoy fine white beaches and Swim in the warm Indian ocean.
  • Explore the 5 islands of Lamu archipelago.
  • Learn the history of the old cities of the coast.
  • Kite surfing in Diani.
  • Enjoy the local Swahili dishes of the coast.


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