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Activities In Kenya

If you know adventure then you have already been with Duara Adventure. Duara adventure brings a true ethnic and exotic experience to the adventure traveller. From camping, to guided walks in the parks, and white-water rafting in the river Tana  Duara adventure will take you to places that will take your breath away, literally.

Rock ClimbingRock climbing

There are several locations where one can experience rock climbing in Kenya. These are good places to gain experiences before attempting the more challenging climbs like the Mt Kenya or Mt Longonot climbs.The following are some of the climbing locations found in Kenya.Read more

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Scuba DivingSnorkelling

Almost all hotels have snorkelling facilities in the Coast o f Kenya. To participate in snorkelling, just talk to your hotel and ask them to make arrangements for snorkelling on your behalf.Read more

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Mountain Climbing

Mountain Climbing

There are many climbing opportunities in Kenya. Climb Mt Kenya, the Aberdare’s, and the Cherengani hills, Mathew’s Range, Hells Gates, Mt Longonot and Suswa while visiting Kenya.Read more

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White Water RaftingWhite Water rafting

White water rafting is a challenging recreational outdoor activity using an inflatable raft to navigate a river or other bodies of water. This is usually done on white water or different degrees of rough water, in order to thrill and excite the raft passengers.White water rafting in Kenya is done at river Tana, Athi and Mathioya Rivers,    Athi River and Tana River are locations where one can go white water rafting. The seasons for rafting are early November to mid- March and mid April to end of august. Link to white water rafting companies.Read more

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Fishing Fishing

Kenya offers some of the finest deep sea fishing in the world with a huge variety of different species close to shore. Read more

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HikingTrekking and Hitch Hiking

Trekking and hitchhiking is not recommended in Kenya. However trekking with professional guides on specific terrains are available. Read  more

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Camel RacingCamel Racing

The best place to experience camel racing at its best is in Maralal during the annual Maralal Camel Derby. Otherwise try out camel riding on the coastal beaches of Mombasa. Read more

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Dolphin WatchingDolphin Swimming

A close encounter with a dolphin in the wild is a thrilling experience and one that stays with people for the rest of their lives. Read more

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Kite surfing or kite boarding is considered one of the fastest growing extreme water sports today. It uses wind power harnessed in a huge, specially-designed, high performance kite to pull a rider through the water on a small surfboard or a kiteboard.Read more

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Bunjee Jumping

Bungee jumping is possible on the Tana River and from Mount Kenya.Read more

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Balloon safaris are a romantic and evocative way of experiencing the wilderness of East Africa, as you gracefully and silently fly over the plains teeming with herds of wildlife in the early morning.Enjoy balloon safaris at the Maasai Mara,Elementaita and the Amboseli while on Safari in Kenya.The panoramic view of the vast wildlife in the savanna is worth every single penny and a lifetime experience.Read more

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Horse ridingHorse Riding

Horseback riding safaris in Kenya are without a doubt the most exciting and adventuresome of all our rides.

Read more

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Sky DivingSkydiving

For adrenaline junkies, the Kenyan coast has become the latest hot spot for aerial adventure- where skydivers enjoy freefalling over the beautiful blue Indian Ocean, before touching down on pure white sands on one of the world's best beaches. Read more

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A typical biking tour covers a range of terrain in Kenya. From Arid to semi arid expanses, salt lakes and soda ashes, savannah , rivers and some of East Africa’s greatest mountains with abundant wildlife and birdlife. Read more

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Deep Sea DivingDeep sea diving

The Kenyan off shore coral reef with varied coral gardens and are a major attraction for divers who come to see the rich see diversity that Kenya has to offer. Read more

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Wind SurfingWindsurfing

Wind surfing is available at most hotels in the coast. To try out wind surfing during your safari enquire the sport from the hotel. Read more

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  • Dance with the Maasai Warriors.
  • Try out the Nairobi safari walk.
  • Learn about the cultures and traditions attach at Ngomongo Village.
  • Shop at The Famous Maasai Market.
  • Visit the local tea farms and try out the best tea in the world.


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