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National Parks & Reserves in The Northern Circuit

This is an area of forested and barren mountains,deserts and scrubland occassionally broken of asses of vegetation.The main attraction in this part of the country is the Lake Turkana.

The northern shores of Lake Turakana hosts Sibilois National Park,Samburu,Buffalo springs and shaba reserves which lie along Ewaso Ng'iro river.In the north lies Maralal,Losai and Marsabit national park.

National Parks and Reserves in the Northern Circuit include:-

Sibilois National Park

The park lies on the northeastern shore of Lake Turkana in northern Kenya  and the unique prehistoric and archaeological sites some of which are linked to the origin of man.






Buffalo Springs







Samburu National Park







South Turkana National Reserve







Naslot National Reserve


An important eco-system with river valleys and floodplains which support evergreen forests dominated by fig and acacia trees and many types of papyrus and sedgesbordered by a section of River Turkwel and Wei Wei River, to the east.







Shaba Game Reserve

The Shaba reserve has river-side forests, scattered woodlands and dry grasslands dominated by the Shaba Hill volcano. The plentiful wildlife relies on waterholes and marshes scattered throughout the reserve. Shaba is home to the endangered Grevy's zebraand the rare Williams's Lark. Shaba was the setting for the book and film Born Free, for the film Out of Africa and for the reality show Survivor: Africa.




  • Witness the ‘Great Migration’ in the Maasai Mara.
  • Take pictures of pink flamingoes in lake Nakuru.
  • Discover the great herds of elephants in Tsavo.
  • Wake up to the scenic sights of Mt Kilimanjaro in Amboseli.
  • Spot the Big 5 in our national parks.


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